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The Lebanese revolution topples another government

2 tim 10 min sedan

The Lebanese government has resigned under pressure from the masses. This is an inspiring achievement, but the revolution must not stop here. Instead, it should take power into its own hands.

Esteban Volkov on his grandfather Leon Trotsky’s biography of Stalin

3 tim 24 min sedan

Esteban Volkov, the grandchild of Leon Trotsky, discusses the most complete edition of Leon Trotsky's Stalin ever released (video originally published 13 December 2016). Buy the book at Wellred here, and the ebook here!

The sad case of Paul Mason: a victim of post-modernism – a reply by Alan Woods

måndag 10 augusti 2020

An article by our British comrades at Socialist Appeal (‘Storytelling, “culture wars” and the Left’) has drawn the ire of ‘left-wing’ journalist Paul Mason. He said that our “mouldering” organisation needs to abandon its outdated worldview. Alan Woods explains that the thin gruel of Mason’s post-modernism is no substitute for the science of Marxism.

Lebanon’s revolution: an explosion of class anger

måndag 10 augusti 2020

The explosion in Beirut last week has caused an explosion of rage and struggle, as the Lebanese masses take once again to the streets. We say: trust nobody but your own forces! Workers of Lebanon, overthrow the whole rotten system!

Britain: storytelling, ‘culture wars’, and the Left – a reply to Paul Mason

måndag 10 augusti 2020

British journalist Paul Mason recently released an essay titled 'The Left, the Party and the Class', clarifying his positions on the future of the left. His ‘new narrative’ exposes the bankruptcy of his politics. Mason is nothing but a left cover for the Labour right's agenda. There is no future for the left on the basis of such reactionary ideas.

[Classics] The Revolution Betrayed

måndag 10 augusti 2020

The Revolution Betrayed is one of the most important Marxist texts of all time. It is the only serious Marxist analysis of what happened to the Russian Revolution after the death of Lenin. In this book, Trotsky provided a brilliant and profound analysis of Stalinism, which has never been improved upon, let alone superseded. With a delay of 60 years, it was completely vindicated by history. Without a thorough knowledge of this work, it is impossible to understand the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union and the events since then in Russia and on a world scale.

The English Revolution: the world turned upside down – part sixteen

fredag 7 augusti 2020

With the death of King Charles and the defeat of the Presbyterian counter revolution, Oliver Cromwell moved to crush the most radical wing of the New Model Army. With the Last Stand of the Levellers in 1649 and the suppression of the Diggers, the English Revolution as a popular struggle for freedom and democracy died. However, these courageous class fighters planted the seeds of the modern socialist movement, which battles on to this day.

In case you missed it: catch up on Marxist University!

fredag 7 augusti 2020

International Marxist University saw four incredibly successful days of political discussion and revolutionary optimism (read our full report here). If you weren't able to attend, or want to relive your favourite moments, we've included videos of all the sessions below. We have now also included audio files with the translation breaks removed.

Israel: overthrow Netanyahu and the whole capitalist system!

torsdag 6 augusti 2020

Starting on 14 July, Bastille day, protests by thousands of Israeli youth and workers have been shaking the Israeli regime. While with every new demonstration, more anti-Netanyahu protesters joined (the last one was attended by 10,000-15,000). Far-right counter protests could only mobilise between five and 500 people. Here, we publish a report by one of our supporters from Jerusalem which we received a week ago, followed by an analysis by Franz Rieger.

In Memory of Leon Trotsky

torsdag 6 augusti 2020

20 August will mark the 80th anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky. To commemorate his life and works, the International Marxist Tendency will organise an online rally, with talks, video and discussion about this revolutionary titan (full details here). In the run up to this event, we will be republishing materials by and about Trotsky on, starting with this pamphlet by Alan Woods (originally published in 2000).

Lebanon: Beirut explosion rocks corrupt regime

onsdag 5 augusti 2020

A massive explosion caused untold destruction and bloodshed in the Lebanese capital yesterday. This tragedy was a disaster waiting to happen, and will provoke the anger of the masses against the corrupt clique at the top of society. Only working-class struggle can put an end to this intolerable situation, Alan Woods writes.

One year after Modi’s draconian measures imposed on Kashmir

onsdag 5 augusti 2020

A year ago today, the Indian government led by the right-wing Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) revoked the special status of India’s only Muslim-majority state of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir by abrogating Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, and divided the state into two federally controlled Union Territories. What is the situation today?

Flight of former King Juan Carlos: the Spanish monarchy hangs by a thread

tisdag 4 augusti 2020

On Sunday 2 August, former King Juan Carlos I left Spain for a sumptuous retirement in the Dominican Republic. This drastic move was avowedly motivated by an avalanche of revelations about the outrageous corruption and criminality in which he had been involved for decades. Juan Carlos’ flight was concocted with the current King Felipe VI and the government, led by the PSOE Social Democrats.

New Zealand: 2020 budget, COVID-19 elimination and the new normal

tisdag 4 augusti 2020

New Zealand has apparently beaten the COVID-19 pandemic and the Labour-led government is the most popular in history. However, the reformists in charge still think they can manage capitalism indefinitely. Instead, they should be laying the ground for socialist policies. 

Pakistan: victory for IMT as Comrade Amin released – forward to revolution!

måndag 3 augusti 2020

Comrade Amin arrived at his home in Karachi in the early morning of 1 August, following 18 days in confinement, after being abducted on 14 July by the Rangers (a paramilitary organisation in Pakistan). His release was only possible due to our international campaign, and solidarity from comrades and sympathisers of the IMT across the whole world. Amin's family and all the comrades in Pakistan are extremely thankful to all the comrades and friends who participated.

Trotsky’s ideas more relevant than ever: international rally 20 August

måndag 3 augusti 2020

August 20 marks 80 years since the assassination of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky by a Stalinist agent in Mexico. The International Marxist Tendency is organising a rally to celebrate the life and ideas of Trotsky, which are today more relevant than ever.

The English Revolution: the world turned upside down - part fifteen

fredag 31 juli 2020

The split between the New Model Army and parliament was widening, as the former became increasingly radical, particularly the Levellers faction. At the famous Putney Debates, revolutionary ideas (including universal suffrage) were openly discussed. Cromwell swung from revolution to counter-revolution in his attempts to mediate between the propertied parliamentarians and the army. Meanwhile, the stage was being set for the trial, and eventual execution, of King Charles.

Pakistan: international solidarity for Comrade Amin’s release

fredag 31 juli 2020

International solidarity is flooding in as people all around the world are demanding the release of Mohammad Amin. Comrade Amin was abducted by the Pakistan Rangers on 14 July 2020 in Karachi and his whereabouts are still unknown. His home was raided by the Rangers who forcefully entered his house without any legal permission. Originally published by the Pakistan Trade Union Solidarity Campaign.

EU rescue deal: crisis, cuts and class struggle on the order of the day

torsdag 30 juli 2020

The leaders of the EU have come to an agreement on a new rescue package for the ailing trading bloc. But this is a show of mutual weakness, not solidarity; and the working class will be asked to foot the bill. Crisis and chaos continue to loom on the horizon.

[Video] 2020: A world on fire

torsdag 30 juli 2020

In this opening speech from the 2020 International Marxist University, Alan Woods (editor of In Defence of Marxism) discusses the historic significance of the coronavirus crisis and the perspectives for world revolution.