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For a socialist United Ireland: back to Connolly!

fredag 25 november 2022

We were delighted to announce recently the republication by Wellred Books of Alan Woods’ Ireland: Republicanism and Revolution, the first edition of which came out in 2005 and has long been out of print. The brand new introduction to the book, which we publish below, draws out the processes that have been developing in Ireland in the years that have passed since: from the burgeoning crisis of capitalism, to the rise of Sinn Féin in the North and South, and the reemergence of the border question under Brexit.

Ireland: Republicanism and Revolution – BOOK LAUNCH TOMORROW (18:00 GMT)

fredag 25 november 2022

Join Wellred Books at our international launch event for our latest release, ‘Ireland: Republicanism and Revolution’ by Alan Woods. Register here for free to participate in the launch on 26 November at 18:00 GMT. Wherever you are in the world, you can join the launch event, which will be streamed online through zoom. Or, if you are in London, come and join the launch live at London Irish Centre, NW1 9XB.

Liberal democracy: fighting back or fracturing?

torsdag 24 november 2022

“This was the year liberal democracy fought back,” declared Janan Ganesh, a particularly dull-witted columnist for the Financial Times on 15 November. The argument put forward by the FT’s international politics correspondent is that, following a period of chaos in which the ‘sensible political establishment’ was heavily discredited, 2022 has been the best year for liberalism in a long time.

FTX and the crypto collapse: the bubble bursts, but the gambling goes on

torsdag 24 november 2022

Investors are calling time on cryptocurrencies, following the downfall of the FTX exchange and its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried. But this episode is only the latest in a long line of speculative bubbles – a symptom of the insanity of capitalism.

Iran: movement organises under the whip of counter-revolution

onsdag 23 november 2022

Over two months since the beginning of the revolutionary uprising of Iranian youth, following an ebb under heavy repression, a new round of protests took place between 16-19 November, which show the whip of counter-revolution driving the movement forward. For final victory to be achieved, there must be mass, organised participation by the working class!

Tech sector layoffs: the bubble begins to burst

tisdag 22 november 2022

Mass sackings are occurring across the tech industry, including at online behemoths such as Twitter and Facebook, portending trouble for investors, users, and employees. It is time to take Big Tech under public ownership and workers’ control.

Canada: CUPE workers presented with deal that "badly sucks" – vote no!

tisdag 22 november 2022

On Sunday, Nov. 20, the bargaining team for 55,000 Ontario CUPE education workers agreed to a tentative agreement with the Ford Conservatives, canceling their planned strike. The agreement, which will be put to members for a vote this week, has been widely criticized by hundreds of members of our union, as it only contains a $1 annual wage increase over four years.

Italy: neo-Nazi terror cell linked to Ukraine’s Azov battalion

måndag 21 november 2022

Four members of a neo-Nazi terrorist cell have been arrested in Italy on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks in the country. A police investigation revealed links between this organisation and fascist groups in Ukraine, including the notorious Azov battalion. This incident highlights the hypocrisy of western imperialism, which is funnelling cash and guns to armed groups in Ukraine with neo-Nazi and far-right roots, evidence of which are regularly dismissed as overblown or “Russian propaganda”.

The James Webb telescope: an eye onto a universe, infinite in time and space

fredag 18 november 2022

Thirty years after the launch of the Hubble telescope, its successor, the James Webb telescope is now operational. Big Bang cosmologists expected it to show young galaxies just a little after the universe’s own ‘beginning’. But having peered deep into the cosmos, the James Webb telescope is sending back images that defy the established cosmology, and point to a universe that is infinite in time and space. This article is included in issue 39 of the In Defence of Marxism magazine, click here to buy a copy and subscribe!

Sweden: Marxism 2022 – class struggle on the agenda

fredag 18 november 2022

Marxism 2022, this year's revolutionary school of the IMT in Sweden, was special. As the working class is reawakening in one European country after another, the relevance of the ideas of Marxism has never been more evident. Sweden is no exception, as proven by the fact that thousands of miners in Kiruna and Malmberget – defying the union bureaucracy – have just raised a radical demand for a 20 percent wage increase.

Denmark: high political level and revolutionary enthusiasm at Revolution Festival 2022!

fredag 18 november 2022

Revolutionære Socialister, the Danish section of the IMT, recently held its annual ‘Revolution Festival’. With more than 110 attendees from across Denmark, the festival was an unequivocal success. Comrades and guests left the festival with a higher level of understanding of Marxism and revolutionary theory, as well as a renewed will and energy to fight for the overthrow of the capitalist system.

The ideas of V. Gordon Childe: In defence of historical materialism

torsdag 17 november 2022

19 October marks 65 years since the death of Vere Gordon Childe – an archaeologist who, by applying the Marxist view of history, made enormous leaps forward in our understanding of early human societies and the Neolithic revolution.

Karl Marx seminar: a landmark for the German Marxists!

torsdag 17 november 2022

12-13 November saw a whole weekend of discussions on Marxist theory and revolutionary strategy, involving more than 120 school and university students, apprentices, and workers from all over Germany, as well as Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain. This was a great success for the German Marxists!

The deadly Russian missile that never was

onsdag 16 november 2022

Late on Tuesday, the world was shocked to hear the Polish president’s statement that his country had been hit by a Russian missile (or missiles).

Rising public anger amid economic crisis in Hungary

onsdag 16 november 2022

In April 2022, Viktor Orbán secured a fourth consecutive electoral victory in Hungary. His party, Fidesz, won over 54 percent of the vote, the highest vote share by any party since the restoration of capitalism in Hungary. But a lot can change in seven months. Now, public discontent with the economic crisis is rising, and the working class and youth are beginning to take action, despite the government’s divisive demagogy.

Pakistan: political crisis and ruling class infighting reach unprecedented levels

tisdag 15 november 2022

The crisis of the capitalist system in Pakistan is reaching unprecedented levels, reflecting the fact that it is one of the weakest links in the chain of world capitalism. Alongside the political and economic crises, the crisis of the state is unravelling to a degree never seen before, leading the whole society into an abyss of misery and wretchedness.

Spain: hundreds of thousands hit the streets of Madrid in defence of public health and against the Ayuso government!

tisdag 15 november 2022

On Sunday 13 November, hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Madrid against the criminal health policy of Isabel Díaz Ayuso's right-wing Community of Madrid Government, and in defence of public health. Ayuso, whose colossal arrogance is equivalent to her ignorance and idiocy, is beginning to see her popular support undermined, even among the middle-class elements that formerly supported her. What is needed is a final push to bring her down.

The fall of Kherson: what does it mean for the Ukraine war?

måndag 14 november 2022

When Russia's defence minister appeared on state media to report that he had ordered a withdrawal from the west bank of the Dnipro River, including from the city of Kherson situated on the east bank, the news was immediately hailed by the western media as a great victory for the Ukrainian army.

Pakistan: “Halla Bol” youth convention in Karachi – an important milestone in the struggle for socialist revolution!

måndag 14 november 2022

On 11 November 2022, the Halla Bol (“Raise Hell”) youth convention was organised by Progressive Youth Alliance Karachi at the Sindh Scouts Club. Hundreds of students, workers and political activists participated in the convention, which represented a declaration of war against unemployment, inflation, sexual harassment, expensive education, national oppression and capitalism. 

2022 US Midterms: turmoil, polarisation, and the need for a workers’ alternative

lördag 12 november 2022

Bourgeois elections offer an incomplete but illuminating snapshot of society’s mood at a given moment. In the context of growing instability and polarisation, we should expect competing crosscurrents of consciousness to be expressed at the ballot box.