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Doctor Doom predicts “dark days” for capitalism

fredag 11 november 2022

Nouriel Roubini is an interesting and unorthodox bourgeois economist. His main claim to fame is that he correctly predicted the 2008 financial crisis, a feat that did not endear him to most other economists, who predicted absolutely nothing.

Swiss Marxist Autumn School 2022: Marxism on the rise!

fredag 11 november 2022

What a huge success! Last weekend, 216 workers, high school and university students took part in the ‘Marxist Autumn School’ in Bern, to educate themselves about Marxist theory, and prepare for the Swiss and world revolution. This was the biggest event ever organised by the Swiss section of the International Marxist Tendency. The forces of Marxism are on the march!

Greece: massive participation in general strike – for escalation, not with words but with deeds!

fredag 11 november 2022

The following are some conclusions from the 24-hour general strike that took place in Greece on Wednesday. Our Greek comrades argue for the necessity of an immediate and well-prepared escalation of the struggle. Originally written on 9 November and published at

Arms to Ukraine? To those abusing Trotsky’s words, we say: “Learn to think!”

torsdag 10 november 2022

Vast quantities of arms have been poured into Ukraine from the West following Russia’s invasion in February. Even beforehand, NATO and the US provided the Ukrainian Army with a considerable amount of weapons and training.

In Defence of Trotsky: A reply to the Morning Star

onsdag 9 november 2022

Interest in the ideas of Leon Trotsky is growing, as workers and youth look for a revolutionary solution to capitalism’s crises. But some on the left have muddied the waters in regards to ‘Trotskyism’. It is important we set the record straight.

Canada: general strike threat defeats “back-to-work” legislation, but workers’ contract unresolved

tisdag 8 november 2022

For the first time, Canadian workers have forced the repeal of back-to-work legislation. The inspiring struggle of the 55,000 Ontario education workers has achieved an important partial victory.

Greece: general strike on 9 November – down with the government of robbers!

tisdag 8 november 2022

A recent wiretapping scandal has highlighted the advanced rottenness of the Greek ruling class and its government. Described as the ‘Greek Watergate’, it is alleged that a long list of journalists and opposition politicians had their phones bugged by the state. Coupled with high inflation, which is suffocating the living standards of the working class and the poor, the rotten New Democracy government is wracked by multiple crises. It is in this context that a one-day general strike begins tomorrow.

Canada: spread the strike, make it general, bring down Ford!

måndag 7 november 2022

55,000 education workers in Ontario, Canada (organised by the public sector union CUPE) are waging an inspiring struggle against the rotten provincial government of Doug Ford. Defying legal threats and dirty constitutional attempts to force them back to work and impose wage cuts, the workers are on indefinite strike action to protect their living standards against soaring inflation. This example is drawing other layers into the fight, and there is talk of an Ontario-wide general strike.

Russian Revolution as never seen before: the real story, told by an eyewitness

måndag 7 november 2022

One hundred and five years ago, the Russian working class seized power. To celebrate the anniversary of these remarkable events, we are excited to make the following eye-witness account of revolutionary Russia in 1920 available to an online audience. Many of these astonishing articles and photographs have not been seen since their publication over a century ago. They are a priceless panorama of the Russian Revolution in its third year.

In case you missed it: catch up on Marxist University 2022!

fredag 4 november 2022

The International Marxist University 2022 was four days of online discussion dedicated to understanding the fundamental principles of Marxism, hosted by the International Marxist Tendency on 23-26 July. The event was a tremendous success, with over 7,000 registering. If you weren't able to attend, or want to relive your favourite moments, we've included videos of all the sessions below, the videos have been edited to remove the pauses for translation. Edited audio files are also provided.

Raising interest rates: a recipe for world recession

torsdag 3 november 2022

The past few months have seen central banks scrambling to raise interest rates to control inflation. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve introduced another 0.75 percentage point hike, and the Bank of England will follow suit today. This spate of rate hikes caused mortgage rates to multiply, government borrowing rates to spiral, and now a recession looms. This will be painful for ordinary people, but will the ruling class achieve its aims?

Brazil: after the elections, prepare for the coming victories! Organise and mobilise with class independence!

torsdag 3 november 2022

Bolsonaro’s defeat is a victory for the working class and the youth that opens up a new political situation in the country. Popular hatred for the reactionary government overcame the widespread and brazen use of the state machine in the electoral contest; the fake news; and the policy of class conciliation on the part of Lula and the PT.

Hands off Haiti! Oppose imperialist occupation, fight for revolution!

onsdag 2 november 2022

Faced with a fuel blockade by the country’s most powerful gang and with a mass movement demanding solutions to the growing economic crisis, the Henry regime in Haiti is hanging by a thread. Led by the United States, the imperialists are openly discussing a military intervention to defend the Henry regime and restore order. An intervention and occupation by imperialist troops will be a disaster for the workers and poor of Haiti, and must be opposed.

Canada: victory to Ontario education workers! Defy back-to-work legislation! Strike until victory!

onsdag 2 november 2022

Negotiations have broken down between the Ontario government and 55,000 education workers. Even before a strike has been launched, Minister of Education Stephen Lecce has tabled draconian legislation to take away the democratic right to strike of education workers. Going one step further, the government is also using the notwithstanding clause to eliminate collective bargaining rights altogether and impose a rotten contract on education workers who are among the poorest unionised workers in the province.

Brazil: Lula narrowly wins presidency – the fight against Bolsonarismo continues!

tisdag 1 november 2022

On Sunday, Lula of the Workers’ Party (PT) narrowly defeated the far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro (50.9 percent to 49.10 percent) in the second round of the presidential elections. While workers and youth are rightly celebrating this result, we should also note that Bolsonaro exceeded expectations, and managed to increase his vote by over 6 million between the two rounds, compared to an increase of 2.6 million for Lula.

Brazil: united front of labour, student and popular movement to end pro-Bolsonaro blockades

tisdag 1 november 2022

The following is a statement by our Brazilian section, Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left) offering solidarity with worker, youth and neighbourhood activists who have resolved to break up road blockades by hardline Bolsonaro supporters, refusing to accept the result of Sunday’s elections. Our comrades will participate in these efforts, and call for the main left and trade union organisations to back them.

Bolsonaro has not commented on the election results so far because he does not want to accept defeat, but he has not found any political support to question the outcome. One by one, his allies recognised Lula-Alckmin's victory, leaving Bolsonaro increasingly isolated. He may still have some hope that the roadblocks set up by radicalised Bolsonaristas can grow and give him the support he needs on the streets for some adventure. But it is a vain hope. The bourgeois institutions are closing in until the only viable option left for Bolsonaro will be to recognise defeat.

However, the police force that the Supreme Court (STF) has determined must unblock the roads, the Federal Highway Police (PRF), has remained faithful to Bolsonaro since Sunday, operating against TSE (High Electoral Court) rulings, making it difficult to turn up at the polls and now, even with orders from the STF to remove roadblocks, we have seen videos showing PRF agents collaborating with Bolsonarista truck drivers, advising them where to move their pickets, etc.

In some states, the residents of proletarian neighborhoods (and organised workers at factories and shipyards) where blockades are being carried out have organised themselves to do what the PRF does not: unblock the roads. Now, the Homeless Workers’ Movement (MTST) has decided to send its members to places with blockades to remove them. 

What we are seeing is an ultra-minority attempt by the most radical and desperate Bolsonaristas to attempt an “organised” reaction. This attempt, which is extremely weak, has only continued until now because of the connivance of the PRF. In history, we have always seen that reaction is only effectively fought by the proletariat and not by the bourgeoisie.

Thus, the Marxist Left not only supports the MTST's decision, but calls on its activists to participate alongside the MTST in actions to unblock the roads. It is the responsibility of the PT, PSOL, CUT, UNE, the unions, student organisations and popular movements to mobilise their ranks to dismantle what remains of these blockades and provide a response from our class to the Bolsonarist far right. We need to act fast and take our place in history immediately.

Executive Committee of the Marxist Left,

1 November 2022

China: Xi Jinping accumulates unprecedented power as deep crisis looms

måndag 31 oktober 2022

The 20th Congress of China’s ruling Communist Party (CCP) has further consolidated the power of the party-state over society, with President Xi Jinping at its head. Xi has formally inaugurated his third term as supreme leader of the country – a feat only matched by Mao in the history of the People’s Republic of China. The senior leadership of the CCP is now entirely staffed by Xi’s trusted lieutenants. The heavily-stressed theme of this Congress was the necessity of the party-state’s leadership as the country enters the coming period.

History of the Bolshevik Party now available in Arabic, with new preface by Alan Woods

fredag 28 oktober 2022

The editorial board of the IMT’s Arabic website,, is very proud to announce the publication of the Arabic translation of Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution, by Alan Woods, editor of The book is a masterful account of the history of the Bolshevik Party, rich with lessons about how, over years of patient work, it came to lead the Russian masses to power in 1917. Read on for information about an Arabic-language launch event this Sunday, and the author’s preface (in English), which discusses the legacy of the 2011 Arab Revolution.

Iran: revolutionary youth movement endures

fredag 28 oktober 2022

26 October marked 40 days since the murder of the Iranian-Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, by the regime’s morality police. Being the final day of the traditional Shia mourning period, it was met with massive protests, becoming a new highpoint of the movement, with protests in nearly every major city. In many Kurdish towns, a general strike broke out; across the country, bazaari strikes were held in support of the movement; and in Tehran Metro conductors went on strike in support of the revolutionary youth. 

The rise of Fascism in Italy: 100 years since the March on Rome

torsdag 27 oktober 2022

A century has passed since the Italian capitalist class handed power to Benito Mussolini’s fascists. Below we present a series of articles by Sinistra Classe Rivoluzione, the Italian section of the IMT, on the events leading up to Mussolini’s infamous ‘March on Rome’, the first three of which are compiled below (and the fourth will soon be available in Italian on their website). It is important we understand the lessons of fascism’s rise to power in Italy, which was facilitated by the betrayals and mistakes of the workers’ leaders.