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Brazil: Comrade Roque Ferreira, present!

lördag 5 september 2020

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Comrade Roque Ferreira, member of the Central Committee of Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left) and of the National Coordination of the Black Socialist Movement, died yesterday afternoon (4 September), a victim of COVID-19.

[Video] Spain’s Revolution Against Franco: The Great Betrayal

fredag 4 september 2020

We publish here a speech by Alan Woods on the great revolutionary movement of the Spanish workers in the 1970s, which brought down the hated Franco regime.

Spain's Revolution Against Franco: The Great Betrayal

fredag 4 september 2020

We publish here a speech by Alan Woods on the great revolutionary movement of the Spanish workers in the 1970s, which brought down the hated Franco regime.

South Africa needs Revolution!

fredag 4 september 2020

We are proud to announce the publication of the first issue of the South African Marxist paper Revolution South Africa. Below we publish the editorial for the first issue of the paper, whose first issue argues for the need for a revolutionary way out of the crisis of capitalism and for socialism as the only alternative for the South African masses.

The Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression: Lessons for today

torsdag 3 september 2020

With mass unemployment on the cards, many are comparing the current crisis to the Great Depression of the 1930s. In both cases, however, these crises were not 'accidental', but a product of capitalism's insoluble contradictions.

Snowpiercer: Class struggle and revolution...on a train

torsdag 3 september 2020

Netflix recently released a TV adaptation of Bong Joon-ho’s dystopian action thriller Snowpiercer, which offers a powerful allegory about the struggles of class society. Steve Jones looks back at the original film.

United States: Election 2020 – The Socialist Case Against “Lesser-Evil” Politics

onsdag 2 september 2020

2020 has been a momentous year—a petri dish of capitalist chaos and instability not seen in generations. Tens of millions of American workers have been pushed off the cliff of a devastating economic meltdown and subjected to a criminally mishandled global pandemic. Sociopathic cops have been unleashed against peaceful protesters, backed by homicidal extreme-right vigilantes. In response, there have been unprecedented mass protests, semi-insurrectionary uprisings and occupations, and emergent neighborhood defense committees.

United States: School Teachers – Strike for Our Lives Against Disaster Capitalism!

onsdag 2 september 2020

Despite record-breaking highs of COVID-19 new cases this summer, Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos have pushed hard for schools to reopen in person this fall. 

Social media purges of left-wing groups intensify

tisdag 1 september 2020

The censorship of social media accounts of left-wing groups has continued, with Facebook recently removing and restricting US anarchist and antifascist pages. This is part of a pattern, which has seen similar moves by other social media platforms. These purges demonstrate whose side these huge corporations stand on, and why we must fight for public control and ownership of social media.

The English Revolution: the world turned upside down, with Alan Woods – the complete series

fredag 28 augusti 2020

It is said that revolution has never come to the British Isles. In fact, modern British democracy was born out of a violent revolution and a bloody Civil War, which saw the king lose his head. Today, we are witnessing one of the most turbulent periods in British history, and the ruling class fears the nation’s revolutionary past, which is why they seek to bury it under falsehoods. This is the complete video series with Alan Woods, The English Revolution: the world turned upside down

USA: TikTok and Trump – National Security for Which Class?

fredag 28 augusti 2020

China’s recent economic growth constitutes a major challenge to the dominance of US capitalism. As a result, hostility to China is now a bipartisan priority for the US ruling class. In addition to increasing military tensions and the imperialist contest over countries in Africa and elsewhere, this has recently been expressed in the relationship between the US and Chinese tech sectors, supported by their respective governments.

Great success for the Trotsky Museum Appeal

fredag 28 augusti 2020

Since we launched our appeal to help save the Trotsky Museum last Thursday, we have raised no less than €7,700. This is a great achievement but we would like your help to raise even more.

In Defence of Hegel

torsdag 27 augusti 2020

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was born 250 years ago on 27 August 1770 into a petty-bourgeois family in the German city of Stuttgart. A towering genius with an encyclopaedic mind, Hegel revolutionised every field that he dedicated himself to. The impact of Hegel’s ideas cannot be underestimated, and as Marxists we owe him a tremendous debt.

USA: Black Lives Matter–Jacob Blake Shooting Reignites the Simmering Anger

torsdag 27 augusti 2020

Another unarmed black man has been shot by police, this time in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The now-viral video of the shooting begins with Jacob Blake walking around his car to open the driver’s side door to get in, tailed immediately by two cops. One of the police grabs the back of Blake’s shirt, pulling him backwards to prevent him from getting into his vehicle, and almost immediately begins shooting at close range, firing seven shots into Blake’s back. Not shown in the video were Blake’s young children sitting in the backseat. Blake was admitted to the hospital, and his father says he is now paralyzed from the waist down.

Thailand: Mass protests shake the regime

tisdag 25 augusti 2020

Almost daily protests have been raging in Thailand for over a month. They are growing in size and audacity. Dozens of school children demanding democracy have become tens of thousands of protestors challenging the foundations of Thai society. If the government doesn’t respond by September, they say, things will escalate. The Thai establishment is like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

The English Revolution: the world turned upside down – part eighteen

lördag 22 augusti 2020

In the final episode of this series, Alan Woods explains how Oliver Cromwell - a man who embodied the contradictions of his class - went from revolutionary to counter-revolutionary; how a revolution that overthrew the monarchy ended in its restoration and the lessons of these events for revolutionaries today.

Venezuela Supreme Court backs coup inside Patria Para Todos party

lördag 22 augusti 2020

On August 21, the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) ruled to depose the current leadership within the Patria Para Todos (PPT), giving them legal control of the party to a minority faction. This is yet another scandalous case of state intervention in the affairs of left wing organisations, which can only be interpreted as a response to the formation of the People's Revolutionary Alternative, which will stand in the December National Assembly election.

Inspiring rally commemorates legacy of Leon Trotsky

lördag 22 augusti 2020

The International Marxist Tendency's rally to celebrate the life and works of Leon Trotsky, 80 years after his assassination in Mexico, was a great success. It has now been watched over 8,000 times across all social media channels. We also raised a considerable sum to support the Trotsky House Museum, which has been closed for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support the Trotsky House Museum!

fredag 21 augusti 2020

Since March this year, nearly five months ago, the Leon Trotsky House Museum in Mexico has been closed to the public as a result of the measures taken to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have received an appeal from Trotsky's grandson Esteban Volkov to support the museum in these difficult conditions. Please click here to donate generouslyAll proceeds of this appeal will go to the museum.