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Canadian state vs. indigenous people: solidarity with Wet’suwet’en! No reconciliation under capitalism!

måndag 24 februari 2020

The full weight of the Canadian state is coming down on the Indigenous people of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in northern British Columbia, along with their supporters. On Jan. 13, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) began their attack by setting up a roadblock on Wet’suwet’en territory, blocking the entrance for the population of the territory, the media, and food supplies. The Canadian government sent them to defend an injunction prohibiting interference with the construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline on unceded Wet’suwet’en territory. The situation escalated on Feb. 6 when the RCMP raided one of the land defenders’ camps, arresting six Indigenous activists. At the time of writing, 21 people have been arrested.

In memory of Tanvir Gondal (Lal Khan) June 1956-February 2020

fredag 21 februari 2020

I have just heard the sad news of the death of Tanvir Gondal, a dear friend and comrade of mine. Although he had been ill with cancer for some time, the news of his death was nevertheless a cruel blow.

Marxism and the theory of “Long Waves”

fredag 21 februari 2020

In his article entitled 'Long Economic Cycles', Kondratiev argued that, in addition to the normal trade cycle of capitalism of between seven and eleven years, there existed longer cycles, the average duration of which was fifty years. He concluded that the capitalist system passes through "long waves", in which each downswing is followed by an upswing which can last for decades. It is this latter assertion that was rebutted by Trotsky. And though it has regularly made its reappearance, enjoying a temporarily fashionable status, it has no solid basis either in fact or in theory. In this article, originally published in 2000, Alan Woods explains why.

The capitalist curve of development

fredag 21 februari 2020

In the year 2000 we published this article by Leon Trotsky on capitalist development. The purpose then was to underline the fact that although capitalism was experiencing a boom, the period we had entered was actually one of overall capitalist decline. As we explained in the introduction “Rather than a new upswing, capitalism is heading for a new slump and a downward curve of development similar to the interwar period.” This was confirmed by the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent events. We are republishing it as an aid to understanding the period we have been through and where we are going.

Ireland: ‘Common History, Common Struggle’ – from an error of emphasis to opportunism

torsdag 20 februari 2020

Ben Curry (writer for Socialist Appeal in Britain) reviews Peter Hadden’s book on the history of the class struggle in Ireland, and asks: how should Marxists approach the national question?

Clash between the Greek and Turkish bourgeoisie and the tasks of the labour movement

onsdag 19 februari 2020

A sharpening of tensions between Greece and Turkey reflects both the ruling classes of these nations attempting to get a bigger share of the oil and gas under the Eastern Mediterranean and the changed balance of power between the two countries. The labour movement of Greece and Turkey need to stand firmly against any warmongering or nationalist division and engage in united struggle for a socialist transformation of society!

Britain: solidarity, strength and sacrifice at the Marxist Student Federation conference

onsdag 19 februari 2020

This year's national conference of the Marxist Student Federation in London was the biggest and best yet. The mood was electric and enthusiastic, as student activists from across the country met to discuss the revolutionary events taking place across the world.

Britain: Labour members set to vote in leadership race – fight the right with socialist policies!

tisdag 18 februari 2020

The ballot for the Labour leadership contest opens this week. Rebecca Long-Bailey and Richard Burgon are the clear candidates of the left for leader and deputy respectively. But to beat their right-wing rivals, they must mobilise grassroots members around bold socialist demands.

Canada: Montreal Marxist Winter School 2020 – over 250 people discuss the fight against imperialism

tisdag 18 februari 2020

The annual Montreal Marxist Winter School was a resounding success, once again breaking the participation record. More than 250 people registered for the school, which took place on the weekend of February 15-16 and marked the 10th anniversary of this yearly event. People came from all over Canada and the United States to participate in what has become the largest Marxist gathering in Canada.

Britain: shockwave being prepared as Tory promises turn to dust

måndag 17 februari 2020

The result of the last British general election was an expression of the deep anger in society. The Tories will quickly find themselves unable to quell this anger as they continue to carry out cuts, laying the basis for major upheavals. Editorial originally published 11 February by Socialist Appeal.

Russia: the “Network Case” – torture, forced confessions and repression

måndag 17 februari 2020

In a scandalous miscarriage of justice, a group of young left-wing activists in Russia have been given hefty jail sentences for spurious terror charges, following confessions under torture. The Russian state is trying to intimidate dissenters, but they will not succeed. Solidarity with political prisoners!

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the Chinese regime

fredag 14 februari 2020

The spread of coronavirus throughout China is beginning to have serious political repercussions for the regime. The masses' anger found a flashpoint when the doctor who originally warned of the epidemic (and was hushed up by the CCP) passed away from the virus. The situation is a pressure cooker, and Xi Jinping is struggling to keep the lid down. 

USA: Sanders wins round two in New Hampshire

torsdag 13 februari 2020

Bernie Sanders came out on top in the New Hampshire primary, edging out Pete Buttigieg. The movement behind Sanders expresses a desire for left-wing politics in the USA, particularly amongst the young, who are fed up with the machinations of US capitalism and its two main parties. The establishment is in crisis, and an explosive period is being prepared. 

Britain: upcoming Marxist Student Federation conference and the revolutionary role of the youth

torsdag 13 februari 2020

Last year, the world was shaken by mass movements where radical youth played a significant role. At the Marxist Student Federation conference in London this weekend, Marxists from across the United Kingdom will be discussing these revolutionary events.

Ireland after the elections: a new period of instability opens

onsdag 12 februari 2020

The shock result of the Irish general elections, which put Sinn Féin on top in terms of votes, has sent the Irish ruling class into a panic. No matter what road they take, the next period will be one of great political turbulence.

Israel & Palestine: Trump’s “Deal of the Century” – the “Two-State Solution” reduced to absurdity

tisdag 11 februari 2020

Trump’s recently announced “Deal of the Century” to broker “peace” in Israel-Palestine is a laundry list of humiliating terms for the Palestinians, aimed at giving full US backing to Israeli expansionism.