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One million deaths

tisdag 6 oktober 2020

A million lives have officially been claimed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The scale of this tragedy is a direct result of capitalism and its representatives. They have shown a callous disregard for workers, youth and the poor; and their inept attempts to save the system have only created more chaos.

[Video] Trump’s COVID crisis

måndag 5 oktober 2020

Alan Woods – editor of In Defence of Marxism – comments on the situation in the USA, where it was announced last week that President Donald Trump has contracted COVID-19, amidst a farcical presidential election and the greatest crisis in the history of US capitalism.

Britain: Revolution Festival 2020 – 23-25 October

måndag 5 oktober 2020

Our British section's online school, Revolution Festival 2020, begins in just a couple of weeks. With a packed programme of exciting talks and discussions, this year's festival promises to be the best ever. Don't miss out – get your ticket today and join the revolution!

To end women’s oppression in India we must fight for socialism!

fredag 2 oktober 2020

A woman belonging to the lower-caste Dalits died in a Delhi hospital on Tuesday 29 September after being raped and tortured by four men in the Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh (UP). Public outrage is sweeping the nation. This gruesome and inhuman attack has once again highlighted the barbarity poor and lower-caste women face on a daily basis in India, which is rooted in the rotten capitalist system.

Report on the World Economic Crisis and the New Tasks of the Communist International

fredag 2 oktober 2020

We republish here the ‘Report on the World Economic Crisis and the New Tasks of the Communist International’, written by Leon Trotsky in June 1921. In this masterpiece of perspectives, which is highly relevant to the world situation to day, Trotsky analyses the nature of the organic, global crisis of capitalism, of a system being suffocated by its own mountains of debt, speculation and inflation.

Over €10,000 collected for Trotsky House Museum!

fredag 2 oktober 2020

The appeal we launched to help the Leon Trotsky House Museum in Mexico has concluded with a great result. A total of £9,340.95 (€10,300) has been raised since the appeal began, during the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of Trotsky’s assassination by a Stalinist agent. More than 200 people from different countries contributed, from the US to Argentina, from Sweden to Pakistan.

Environmental crisis in Pakistan: corruption, carbon emissions and capitalism

torsdag 1 oktober 2020

Pakistan is being rocked by freak weather events and environmental crises. This article discusses the impact of these disasters, their causes, the failure of the state and the capitalist system to deal with them, and the way forward.

Britain: counter COVID conspiracies with class struggle!

torsdag 1 oktober 2020

As the pandemic drags on, anger and distrust towards the government is growing. Many are understandably sceptical of what they hear in the media or from politicians. The labour movement must channel this mood along class lines.

After the latest betrayal, it’s time to change the leadership of the Nigerian trade unions

onsdag 30 september 2020

The trade union leaders in Nigeria have betrayed the working class once again by selling out a planned general strike against power and fuel price hikes, unleashing unprecedented anger by members crushed beneath economic hardship and the COVID-19 pandemic. The workers need a fighting leadership!

The FinCEN leaks and the corruption of capitalism

onsdag 30 september 2020

A huge cache of documents has revealed the criminality and corruption at the heart of capitalism’s biggest financial institutions. We cannot trust the ‘regulators’. To root out these evils, we need nationalisation and workers’ control.

Review of ‘Chartist Revolution’ by Rob Sewell: pre-order now!

tisdag 29 september 2020

We are excited to announce the publication of a new book on Chartism – a titanic struggle by British workers in the 1800s that involved arming, general strikes and insurrection, a fact buried by official “histories” – by Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal, British publication of the International Marxist Tendency. In this review, Socialist Appeal writer and activist Josh Holroyd explains the importance of this new book, which reclaims the revolutionary history of the British labour movement. Until the end of October, Chartist Revolution is available for pre-order at Wellred books for a special discounted price!

Iran: Islamic Republic backed into a corner by strikes

tisdag 29 september 2020

A wave of protests is sweeping Iran. There were 331 strikes and demonstrations reported in August involving all sectors: from the oil-and-gas sector, to students in the municipalities, farmers and more.

International solidarity for Brazilian comrade threatened by hackers

tisdag 29 september 2020

Below are some of the messages of solidarity our Brazilian comrades of Esquerda Marxista have received in the face of the attacks suffered by one of their leading activists, Johannes Halter. Earlier this month, a hacker threatened to disclose personal data about Halter and his family if he did not take down the Esquerda Marxista Instagram page, which he manages. For more details, read this article, originally published in Portuguese by Esquerda Marxista.

The Swedish miners’ strike – 50 years on

måndag 28 september 2020

50 years ago, Swedish miners at the state-owned company LKAB went on a mighty wildcat strike. This cut right through the propaganda about Sweden as a country of polite class collaboration. The miners inspired workers up and down the country to take up the struggle for better working conditions, in a wave of spontaneous strikes that spread like wildfire. This is the story of the great miners’ strike.