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Swedish Marxists say: fight NATO – fight imperialism!

tisdag 17 maj 2022

US imperialism is the strongest force on the planet behind continued capitalist exploitation, poverty and misery. Now, the Swedish government has decided that it is in the interests of Swedish imperialism to join the US-led war alliance, NATO. We say: Fight NATO, fight imperialism – long live international working-class solidarity!

International Marxist University 2022: TIMETABLE FINALISED – BOOK NOW!

måndag 16 maj 2022

We are now just nine weeks away from the biggest international Marxist event of the year: the International Marxist University 2022 (#IMU22) from 23 to 26 July. Wherever you are, you too can attend, either online or at one of numerous watch parties being planned on every continent. Already, 1,000 people from 91 countries have registered to attend. We are now proud to announce the finalised timetable and list of speakers. Book now and join us in the fight for revolution!

Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral attacked by police: Israel's sadism and imperialist hypocrisy

måndag 16 maj 2022

After assassinating popular Palestinian-American Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh last week, the Israeli state would not even allow her body to reach its final resting place in peace. In a shocking act of sadism, Israeli police attacked Abu Akleh’s funeral procession on Friday, using batons and stun grenades against mourners escorting her coffin from a hospital in East Jerusalem to a cemetery in the nearby Old City.

US imperialism's proxy war: fighting Russia to the last drop of Ukrainian blood

fredag 13 maj 2022

“We’re not just at war to support the Ukrainians. We’re fundamentally at war, although somewhat through a proxy, with Russia, and it’s important that we win,” said US representative Seth Moulton during a Fox News appearance. He was perhaps being more frank than others, but the message has been coming loud and clear from official representatives of Biden’s administration. Asked what the US would consider success in the war, Biden’s Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said “we want to see Russia weakened”.

Sri Lanka: counter-revolution provokes a social explosion

torsdag 12 maj 2022

On Monday 9 May, dramatic events rocked Sri Lanka. After months of economic turmoil, and weeks of mass mobilisations on the streets, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa made a desperate gamble to establish order and save his own political skin. But his brutal crackdown backfired in dramatic style. By nightfall, Mahinda was hiding in a naval base, whilst dozens of MPs’ residences were in flames. By the end of the day, eight people were dead including one MP and two police officers, and the hospitals were flooded with the injured.

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover: nationalize social media!

torsdag 12 maj 2022

On April 25, Twitter announced that its board of directors would accept a $44 billion bid by Elon Musk to purchase the social media company. Pending shareholder approval, the deal is set to be finalized over the next three to six months. Musk, currently the richest person on Earth, with a net worth of $259 billion, would thus own one of the most influential social media sites in the world, used daily by over 200 million people.

Palestinian journalist murdered by Israel: this is a war crime!

onsdag 11 maj 2022

Palestinian Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, 51, was shot dead by the Israeli military early this morning, while covering a raid on the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. This cold-blooded murder of a journalist – a war crime under the Geneva Convention – further exposes the brutality of the Israeli state, and lays bare the repulsive hypocrisy of its imperialist allies.

Stagflation looms for UK economy: capitalism is crisis

onsdag 11 maj 2022

The latest forecasts from the Bank of England for the year ahead are for inflation to surge and the economy to contract: a dangerous double-whammy of ‘stagflation’. Workers must organise and fight back with militant action and socialist policies.

Philippines: ‘Bongbong’ elected – is this the return of the dictatorship?

tisdag 10 maj 2022

On 25 February 1986, the infamously corrupt and brutal dictator of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, fled the country with his family from a revolutionary mass revolt. Yet on 9 May 2022, another Ferdinand Marcos was voted in as president: the son of the senior Marcos also known as “Bongbong.”

Local elections in Britain: No enthusiasm for main parties as crisis deepens

tisdag 10 maj 2022

On May 5, local elections in Britain provided a snapshot of the mood in society: one of anger and distrust towards the entire political establishment. Belief in bourgeois democracy is rapidly being eroded, paving the way for revolutionary explosions.

North of Ireland: Sinn Féin victory a historic blow to the union!

måndag 9 maj 2022

Sinn Féin has emerged as the first party in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections. With a remarkable 29% of the first preference votes to the DUP’s 21.3%, the gap was even wider than predicted. Within hours of the polls closing, #UnitedIreland was trending on Twitter. This is another devastating blow to the prestige of British imperialism and another tear in the fraying fabric of the so-called ‘United Kingdom’.

Cuba: protests over the dismissal of Alma Mater’s editor reveal deep rejection of bureaucratic censorship

måndag 9 maj 2022

The following pair of articles, written at the end of April, discuss the dismissal of the editor of Cuban magazine Alma Mater. What were the reasons for it? And what have been the consequences?

The origins of class society

fredag 6 maj 2022

For hundreds of thousands of years human beings inhabited the Earth without private property, classes, states, or any of the other elements that make up class society as we know it. And yet we are taught that class division is a natural and universal condition of human existence. As Josh Holroyd and Laurie O’Connel explain in this article first published in the IMT’s theoretical journal, In Defence of Marxism, modern archaeology has produced a plethora of evidence attesting to the fact that the division of society into classes is a relatively recent development in human history. And just as it came into existence, Marxists understand it must eventually go out of existence. Click here to subscribe and get the latest issue of In Defence of Marxism magazine.

Turkey: the Erdoğan regime is living on borrowed time

torsdag 5 maj 2022

The economic crisis gripping Turkey has pushed the Turkish ruling class into a political crisis. Splits and divisions are opening up in the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its electoral partner, the far-right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). These events are a harbinger of revolution.

Supreme Court Assaults Abortion Rights—Fight Back With Class Struggle!

onsdag 4 maj 2022

Yet another unprecedented bombshell has rocked the already polarized world of American politics and class struggle. In a leaked internal memo drafted by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, the majority of that reactionary body outlines its case for the judicial overturn of Roe v. Wade, the historic 1973 decision that ruled that the US Constitution protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction. Now, as part of the cynical maneuvering by a segment of the ruling class to divert the class war into the so-called “culture war,” what should be a fundamental democratic right is to be unceremoniously trashed.

China: Shanghai lockdown – capitalism cannot contain COVID

onsdag 4 maj 2022

Not long ago, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime was proudly flaunting its successes in containing the COVID-19 pandemic compared to much of the rest of the world. Now, however, one of its major economic centres, Shanghai, is suffering from a surge of the Omicron variant, made worse by bureaucratic blunders.

May Day 2022: IMT raises banner of revolution

tisdag 3 maj 2022

Comrades of the IMT participated in demonstrations, protests and other activities in dozens of locations across the globe for May Day 2022, raising the revolutionary banner of socialism as the only road forward for the working class! Given the dramatic events in world politics, and the increasingly unbearable burden on working people and youth, our ideas connected with the mood far more than in the past. We publish below highlights of our international May Day activities.

[Video] India: interviews with radical worker and farmer leaders

tisdag 3 maj 2022

The IMT is delighted to present the following interviews with leading unionists in India, representing radical, casualised care workers and militant farmers. Workers and farmers: unite and fight!

Henk Sneevliet: fighter for the workers and oppressed

måndag 2 maj 2022

13 April 2022 marked 80 years since the Dutch revolutionary socialist Henk Sneevliet, along with six of his comrades, were executed by the Nazi German occupiers. Sneevliet devoted his whole life to fighting for the interests of the working class of the Netherlands, as well as the oppressed in Indonesia and China.

Lenin on May Day

söndag 1 maj 2022

On the occasion of May Day we republish the below May Day leaflet written by Lenin in 1904