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Cuba faced with reactionary provocation on 15 November: how to defend the revolution?

torsdag 11 november 2021

The demonstration called by the so-called Archipelago Platform on 15 November is clearly a reactionary provocation that serves the interests of imperialism. Cuba faces an extremely serious economic situation. The organisers of the 15 November march (permission for which has been denied by the authorities) intend to take advantage of it to launch a process that they hope will lead to the overthrow of the Cuban Revolution, the restoration of capitalism and the destruction of the planned economy. Faced with this situation, we clearly and unequivocally place ourselves at the defence of the Cuban Revolution.

The world is starving: but there is plenty of food to go around

torsdag 11 november 2021

At present, 800 million people are not eating sufficient amount of food, and 45 million are on the brink of starvation. This is a striking indictment of a society where the richest earned $4tn in the first year of a global pandemic.

Ethiopian civil war turned on its head as Tigrayan forces march on Addis Ababa

onsdag 10 november 2021

One year after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched a war against the rebellious Tigray region, his army is on the verge of defeat and the Tigrayan forces are marching on the capital Addis Ababa. The federal government declared a national state of emergency on Tuesday.

Elections in Honduras: we must end the dictatorship, but also capitalism

onsdag 10 november 2021

This is an abbreviated version of a longer statement by the comrades of Izquierda Marxista Honduras (Marxist Left) regarding the forthcoming elections in the country. On 28 November, the new president will be elected, in addition to 128 national deputies, and 20 for the Central American parliament. This comes at a time of deep social, political, economic and public health crisis, after years of attacks on the oppressed and exploited classes. What is the way forward?

Britain: Labour purge – Starmer steps up attacks on the Marxists

tisdag 9 november 2021

Having strengthened their grip at the recent party conference, the Labour right wing are undertaking a fresh wave of expulsions of Socialist Appeal activists. But Starmer’s purge cannot break the link between Marxism and the labour movement.

Indian economy: scrap National Monetisation Pipeline and stop privatisation of the public sector

tisdag 9 november 2021

The misery of the Indian masses has been aggravated by the Modi-led BJP government in the past seven years, and compounded further by the pandemic. The introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST); demonetisation; and the abrupt, unplanned lockdown have worsened the conditions of the masses.

USA: the end of the Biden honeymoon

måndag 8 november 2021

With his domestic policy floundering, Joe Biden returned from the failed COP26 climate summit to the humiliating reality that his short-lived honeymoon is already over. This was made evident with the defeat of the Democrats’ gubernatorial candidate in the bellwether contest in Virginia. All the serious bourgeois journals cite the national unpopularity of Biden and the Democrats as a crucial factor in the loss.

Crisis in Ecuador: corruption, violence and tax havens

måndag 8 november 2021

In the early hours of Tuesday, 26 October, social and indigenous organisations, as well as workers’ unions in Ecuador began a new day of protest against the economic policies of President Guillermo Lasso. The demonstrations were called by the Ecuadorian indigenous sector, the Unitary Workers Front (FUT) (the largest union in the country), the Popular Front (FP), and the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (CONAIE).

RUSSIAN REVOLUTION AS NEVER SEEN BEFORE: the real story, told by an eyewitness – EXCLUSIVE

fredag 5 november 2021

One hundred and four years ago, the Russian working class seized power. To celebrate the anniversary of these remarkable events, we are excited to make the following eye-witness account of revolutionary Russia in 1920 available to an online audience. Many of these astonishing articles and photographs have not been seen since their publication over a century ago. They are a priceless panorama of the Russian Revolution in its third year.

[Video] COP26: can capitalism save the planet?

torsdag 4 november 2021

COP26 - the latest UN Climate Change Conference - began last Sunday in Glasgow. Politicians from across the world, along with business leaders, will be holding two weeks of negotiations, panel discussions and press conferences on the question of climate change. But, far from saving us, capitalism is killing the planet. We need a revolution.

Portugal: government falls as “geringonça” crumbles - what are the tasks of the left?

onsdag 3 november 2021

The voting down of the state budget indicates a qualitative change in the political situation in Portugal. An early election next year will happen in a political context very different from that of the previous period. After six years of collaboration between the Communist Party (PCP) and the Left Bloc (BE) with the Socialist Party (PS) government, the “geringonça” (“contraption” - the name by which the unlikely deal struck between the three parties became known) is dead.

Japan: LDP hold onto power as majority reject rotten establishment

onsdag 3 november 2021

On 31 October, a mere 31.64 percent of Japanese voters turned out to vote in the election that would form a new government. Although the governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is suffering from enormous unpopularity, the liberal opposition parties managed to lose rather than gain significantly from the situation. This result once again shows the Japanese masses see all parties as of the same, miserable status quo, one that is unravelling along with the crisis of capitalism.

Revolution Festival 2021: Marxism is back with a bang

tisdag 2 november 2021

Last weekend saw the inspiring in-person return of Revolution Festival. With over 600 attendees, 32 incredible talks, and tens-of-thousands of pounds raised, this phenomenal event represents a major landmark for the forces of Marxism.

Fresh strike wave in eSwatini builds momentum of struggle against the king

tisdag 2 november 2021

In an important development, a fresh wave of strikes is currently rolling across the small Southern African state of eSwatini. This has become some of the most significant movements by the working class in the country’s history. Despite severe repression, new layers are entering the struggle, including transport workers, nurses and government workers, as well as other sections such as students. This entrance of the working class onto the scene in such an organised way could provide the necessary momentum to topple the absolute monarchy of Mswati III.

Evergrande crisis: capitalism with Chinese characteristics

måndag 1 november 2021

China is discovering that under capitalism, what goes up must come down. The impending collapse of property developer Evergrande, as it struggles with more than $300bn debts, is reminiscent of the subprime mortgage crisis. The Chinese government is facing the same dilemmas as the US over a decade ago, as it stares into the abyss of capitalist crisis.

Sudan: march of millions meets the whip of reaction – the masses must fight back!

söndag 31 oktober 2021

Four million people hit the streets of Sudan yesterday in a national demonstration against Monday’s military coup. At the same time, a general strike crippled the entire country, as dozens of trade unions and professional organisations came out in solidarity. This was met with ruthless violence by the counter revolution, resulting in heavy casualties and forcing the masses to retreat. We are now facing a decisive moment for the Sudanese revolution. Either it will go onto the offensive or it could face a bloody defeat. From here, no quarter can be asked or given.

COP26: can capitalism save the planet?

fredag 29 oktober 2021

On Sunday 31 October, negotiations will officially open for COP26, the latest UN Climate Change Conference. Hosted in Glasgow, Boris Johnson will welcome heads of state from around the world to commence two weeks of negotiations, panel-discussions, and press-conferences. Business leaders will also be present to present their ideas on tackling climate change.

Presentation of ‘The Great Betrayal’ in Basque Country, in collaboration with Association of victims of 3 March/Martxoak 3 Elkartea

fredag 29 oktober 2021

A series of presentations began on 19 October for the Spanish edition of The Great Betrayal, Alan Woods’ book about the great revolutionary struggle to overthrow the Franco dictatorship, which was tragically undermined by the leaders of the working class in the Spanish State.

Sudan coup falters as masses rise: “the people are stronger – do not retreat!”

torsdag 28 oktober 2021

The coup launched on Monday by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan was supposed to be a swift and decisive seizure of power by the Transitional Military Council (TMC). But the coup plotters did not count on the strength of the revolutionary people, who have risen in their hundreds of thousands, launching protests and strikes all over the country to oppose any return to military rule. Lessons have been learned since Sudan’s 2019 uprising, which was never fully defeated. The seasoned masses have forced the military to a stalemate. Now, they must win victory.

[Video] Spontaneity, organisation and the role of the state: Marxism vs. Anarchism

onsdag 27 oktober 2021

Marxists and anarchists share many of the same objectives in common: fighting oppression, smashing the bourgeois state, creating a society without class exploitation and so on. However, there are also important differences in our ideas and methods, particularly related to the nature of power in general, and of state power in particular.