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Canada: socialism or UBI?

måndag 1 mars 2021

A universal basic income (UBI) is being seriously discussed across Canada, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the various federal benefit programs. UBI is an unconditional payment made to all citizens and is usually a guaranteed, cash-based payment that all citizens receive regardless of income or tax bracket. There are proposals for UBI coming from both the left and the right. Superficially at least, UBI proposals can look quite attractive for the left, but what position should socialists take? Note: this article was written in December 2020.

New edition of Lenin’s Materialism and Empirio-criticism: available now from Wellred Books!

måndag 1 mars 2021

Wellred Books proudly presents the new edition of Lenin’s Materialism and Empirio-criticism. In this classic text, Lenin brilliantly explains the fundamental principles of the materialist philosophy of Marxism. This edition contains a new introduction by Alan Woods, In Defence of Materialism, which is presented here. The book is available here, and also in ebook format here.

Britain: recall conference campaign gathers pace – join the fight to defend democracy

lördag 27 februari 2021

The Labour right wing’s clampdown on democracy continues apace. At the same time, the campaign for an immediate recall conference is gaining momentum. It is time to ‘rise like lions’. Reclaim democracy! Recall conference now! A national rally is planned for 6 March at 11am British time.

Georgia: political crisis intensifies as opposition leader arrested

fredag 26 februari 2021

A crisis is escalating in Georgia following years of political and social rot. None of the mainstream parties have anything to offer the Georgian masses, who must fight to build a genuine alternative.

South Africa: SAFTU general strike – “capitalism fails the working class and the poor, not by default, but by design”

torsdag 25 februari 2021

On Wednesday, 24 February, 21 unions of the South African Federation of Trade Unions went on a general strike against deep and sustained cuts in the living standards of workers, and to fight for a radical change in the country’s economic policies. Frustration runs high amongst the working class over mass retrenchments, wage freezes and brutal austerity measures in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Netherlands: 80 years since the February Strike

torsdag 25 februari 2021

This year, on 25 February, it’s exactly 80 years ago that the February Strike took place in the Netherlands. This is without a doubt one of the most heroic events in Dutch history. The February strike is considered to be the first general strike that served as a public protest against the Nazis in occupied Europe, and the only mass protest against the deportation of Jews to be organised on a class basis. 

Britain: establishment rattled by fears of social explosion

onsdag 24 februari 2021

Coming on top of a decade of austerity and attacks, the pandemic is tearing communities apart and piling further pressures upon workers and youth. Society is ready to explode. We must channel this energy towards socialist struggle.

Green illusions in Germany

onsdag 24 februari 2021

With the next federal election to the Bundestag on 26 September 2021 only seven months away, the German Greens are preparing for a possible return to the federal government and a coalition with the CDU/CSU, Chancellor Angela Merkel's party alliance. Founded 41 years ago out of the environmental, women and anti-war movements, the party has long since become a modern bourgeois liberal party of the 21st century, eclipsing the traditional bourgeois liberals of the FDP.

USA: capitalism’s weather disaster in Texas

tisdag 23 februari 2021

Last week, a devastating winter storm hammered Texas and wreaked havoc on 90% of the state’s energy infrastructure. The crisis caused a loss of heat, unreliable water utilities, and structural damage to homes. A projected four million people were without power at one point. Nearly 70 deaths have been attributed to this disaster, and magnitudes more are experiencing hardships and desperation.

23-F: remembering the 1981 Spanish coup attempt

tisdag 23 februari 2021

On the anniversary of the 1981, '23-F' coup attempt in Spain, we republish a 1981 article by Alan Woods, political editor of Nuevo Claridad. This article was later translated and re-released in the Militant (UK), along with an editorial comment (also republished). Alan provides a new introduction explaining the circumstances surrounding the article's publication. First republished 23 Feb 2018.

Protests spread across Spanish state following arrest of Pablo Hasél

måndag 22 februari 2021

For a whole week, demonstrations have taken place across Catalonia and Spain in protest at the jailing of Communist rapper Pablo Hasél, who was arrested on Tuesday 16 February in Lleida for political opinions expressed in his lyrics and tweets. His jailing has unleashed a groundswell of anger, particularly amongst young people, who have met vicious repression at the hands of the state.

Sharp shift to the left in the Kosovo elections

måndag 22 februari 2021

The parliamentary elections in Kosovo on 14 February 2021 ended with a sweeping landslide victory for the left-wing "Movement for Self-Determination" Vetevendosje (VV). They scored a 20 percent increase, from 27.7 percent in the last election in 2019 to 47.85 percent according to the latest count. The centre-right PDK (Democratic Party of Kosovo), founded by Hashim Thaci, lagged far behind with 17.41 percent. The bourgeois conservative LDK (Democratic League of Kosovo), which had been in power for many years in the past, only scored 13.08 percent. Another right-wing formation, the AAK (Alliance for the Future of Kosovo), led by former UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army) commander Ramush Haradinaj was stuck at 7.43 percent. Nisma-Social Democrat (Social Democratic Initiative) scored only 2.6 percent and will thus not get any seats. 

India farmers’ movement: shocking news of Datar Singh death

måndag 22 februari 2021

We have received the shocking news that Datar Singh, a renowned farmer leader and a real class fighter, has passed away. According to sources, he travelled from the Delhi sit-in to Amritsar to speak at a rally organised by the farmer activists. In his last speech, he stood firm in his opposition to Modi’s agricultural laws and argued for farmers’ and workers' joint struggle to bring down the government. When he ended his speech and took a seat, he suffered a cardiac arrest which proved to be fatal. He left behind a daughter and a son and millions of farmers organised under his genuine leadership. He was the President of the Kirti Kisan Union in Punjab. This is indeed a great loss for the farmers' movement at such a critical juncture.

China: tragic death of a young leftist worker leads to outpouring of grief and anger

söndag 21 februari 2021

Around 21 January 2021, a young worker who operated a small channel on the popular Chinese video-sharing platform Bilibili died in destitution amidst family discord, disease, and conflict with his employer. He starved to death in his rental apartment, and his body was only discovered days later by the landlord.

Permanent pandemic? Mutations, market failures and Zero COVID

lördag 20 februari 2021

About a year has passed since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. Over two million people have died directly from the virus itself thus far. Many more have died from ancillary causes. While the vaccines now in circulation offer a ray of hope for the masses, who are trapped in a cycle of isolation and precarity, the crisis is far from over. Not least because protectionism and “vaccine nationalism” are preventing billions of people from actually accessing these lifesaving resources. When will it all end?

Davos’ false promise of a “Great Reset” reveals fear of revolution

fredag 19 februari 2021

The past few years of political turbulence have troubled the ruling class. They are facing unprecedented waves of protests and instability. They are now increasingly desperately trying to stabilise the situation using state expenditure and other concessions. This was seen at the World Economic Forum last month.

[Video] Dynamite in the foundations: Alan Woods on the crisis of world capitalism

fredag 19 februari 2021

At a meeting of leading members of the International Marxist Tendency at the end of January, Alan Woods (editor of provided an overview of the dramatic events unfolding at the start of 2021. The crisis of world capitalism is causing ruptions, dislocation and class polarisation in one country after another. We have also included below an audio recording with the Spanish translation removed. 

Canada: more than 1,150 at groundbreaking Montreal Marxist School!

torsdag 18 februari 2021

The 2021 Montreal Marxist Winter School was truly an unprecedented event. More than 1,150 people registered to participate in the school, which had ten presentations over three days, making this by far the largest Canadian Marxist meeting in recent memory. With big class battles on the horizon, the forces of Marxism are growing in preparation. 

Britain: biggest-ever Marxist Student Federation conference – join the revolution!

torsdag 18 februari 2021

The MSF recently held its largest ever national conference, with hundreds of young people from schools and universities across the country taking part. There has never been a better time to get involved and join the revolution!

Myanmar: a movement of revolutionary proportions

onsdag 17 februari 2021

The coup in Myanmar has unleashed a movement of revolutionary proportions. The determination of the masses to stop the military from taking over can be seen in the widespread and growing strike and protest movement that has been unleashed. The military junta clearly underestimated the level of opposition they would face.