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Capitalism’s blood-soaked ascent – new ‘In Defence of Marxism’ out now!

måndag 16 januari 2023

The International Marxist Tendency is proud to present the Winter 2023 edition of the In Defence of Marxism theoretical journal. The feature article in this issue takes on the Spanish Conquest of the Americas, which far from a 'meeting of cultures', was a brutal and bloody affair resulting in the extermination of millions of indigenous peoples. We publish the editorial by editor-in-chief Alan Woods below.

January 1923: Germany on the brink

fredag 13 januari 2023

Today marks one hundred years since French troops invaded the Ruhr. This occupation, combined with hyperinflation, sparked revolutionary convulsions across Germany. With crisis once again haunting Europe, Rob Sewell examines the lessons of 1923.

Afghanistan: women resist Taliban education ban – solidarity from the Progressive Youth Alliance!

fredag 13 januari 2023

Since returning to power in 2021, the Taliban in Afghanistan have subjected women to a brutal regime of oppression, whilst the whole population has been plunged into an abyss of hunger, disease and misery. Now, women have been excluded from education, leading to renewed protests. Hundreds of brave women have taken to the streets of Kabul and other cities, fully in the knowledge of the risk to their lives in doing so. In this video, the comrades of the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA – the youth wing of the IMT in Pakistan) send their solidarity.

India: Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi elections – what do they tell us?

fredag 13 januari 2023

The current right-wing Modi regime in India won the assembly elections in Gujarat, which were seen as a rehearsal for the 2024 general elections. The reasons behind this victory are complex and must be explained, against the context of other state elections that produced different results.

Peru: mass movement of workers and peasants defies capitalist coup despite brutal repression

torsdag 12 januari 2023

One month after the coup against president Castillo on 7 December, the new illegitimate government of Dina Boluarte has used brutal police and army repression to put down protests, leaving 45 dead. Workers and peasants have resisted the coup with mass demonstrations, road blockades, national and regional general strikes and the formation of committees of struggle across the country in a movement that has its epicentre in the poorer, more indigenous southern departments. Who was behind the 7 December coup and what are the prospects for the mass movement of resistance?

Britain: NHS catastrophe – Support the strikers! Kick out the profiteers!

torsdag 12 januari 2023

The NHS is in the midst of a deep crisis. Chaos is unfolding in A&Es, with record-breaking wait times. This catastrophe has been a long time coming – the result of years of austerity and privatisation. But health workers are fighting back.

[Podcast] 2023 – for a revolutionary new year!

onsdag 11 januari 2023

The International Marxist Tendency (IMT) is pleased to announce the launch of its new podcast, International Marxist Radio (IMR). The first episode of this new series features presenter Joe Attard speaking to In Defence of Marxism (IDOM) editor-in-chief Alan Woods. Expect new episodes every Wednesday!

Germany’s biggest weekly magazine asks: “Was Marx right after all?”

tisdag 10 januari 2023

This year’s New Year edition of Der Spiegel features an interesting piece titled, “Was Marx right after all?” Full of astute observations about the state of capitalism, it’s a piece symptomatic of the anxiety of the ruling class. But the ‘solutions’ it proposes – reactionary and utopian ideas based on keeping capitalism intact, like ‘degrowth’ and Keynesianism – are really no solutions at all.

Brazil: Against the coup-plotting right wing – for united, independent mobilisation of the working class!

måndag 9 januari 2023

The invasion of the National Congress, the Planalto Palace and the Supreme Court yesterday (8 January) by Bolsonarista groups – in opposition to the electoral result and demanding military intervention – must be firmly repudiated and fought by the labour, popular and student movements. 

US court orders cruise lines to pay over $400 million for sailing to Cuba

måndag 9 januari 2023

On Friday 30 December, the South Florida U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom, ordered four Florida-based cruise companies (Carnival, MSC SA, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian) to pay more than US$100 million each in ‘damages’ to Havana Docks. The latter, a US company, had owned a 1934 concession to several piers in Havana harbour, which was expropriated in 1960 by the Cuban Revolution. This decision, the first successful application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, is capable of having a devastating impact on the Cuban economy and should be strongly rejected as an illegal act of imperialist bullying.

Is this the end of globalisation?

fredag 6 januari 2023

In May 2022, the CEO of BlackRock declared that “the Russian invasion of Ukraine has put an end to the globalisation we have experienced over the last three decades”. He undoubtedly has a point. The war in Ukraine has brought to a head the conflicts that have been brewing between the major powers for some time.

Brazil: PSOL leadership paves the way for joining Lula-Alckmin government

torsdag 5 januari 2023

At a meeting of the National Board of PSOL (‘Party of Socialism and Liberty’), on Saturday 17 December, resolutions were discussed and passed drawing a balance sheet of the party’s 2022 election campaign, and on the relationship between the party and its parliamentary faction with the new Lula government.

France: the battle over pensions – time to get rid of Macron!

torsdag 5 januari 2023

On 10 January, the French government will reveal the details of its draft law on pensions. We already know the main measure that has been proposed: the postponement of the retirement age by four months, each year, to reach 64 or 65 years of age (against the retirement age of 62 today) in 2027 or 2031. In addition, the increase in the length of contributions required for a full pension could be raised to 43 years (from 42 today) before the planned deadline of 2035. There is no doubt that these policies will be opposed.

Lenin’s struggle against bureaucracy

onsdag 4 januari 2023

Today, 4 January 2023, marks the centenary of Lenin’s dictation of his postscript to his ‘Letter to the Congress’, also known as his ‘Testament’. In it, Lenin took up the struggle against the bureaucratisation of the Soviet state, which was threatening to derail all the gains of the revolution. Suppressed for decades by Stalin, this Testament dispels the slander that Stalinism was the continuation of Leninism.

Peru: all out for an indefinite strike, overthrow capital!

onsdag 4 januari 2023

This is the text of a leaflet, issued by the comrades of the IMT in Peru on 4 January, when there was a call for an indefinite general strike in the southern regions of the country, as part of the struggle to oppose the coup against President Castillo.

Direct action vs class struggle

tisdag 3 januari 2023

From activists glueing themselves to trains, to throwing soup at paintings: recent years have seen numerous groups employing ‘direct action’ tactics to achieve their aims. Instead, Marxists call for mass organised struggle by workers and youth.

The IMT in 2022: “the fire that bends the iron, tempers the steel”

fredag 30 december 2022

The year 2022 has been a year in which much of the inflammable material in world politics – accumulating and smouldering over decades – has burst into flames. War, hunger, mass displacement and spiralling prices torment humanity. Meanwhile, we have seen industrial unrest, revolutions, and accompanying them, coups, counter-revolutions and repression. But to recall a folk expression: “The fire that bends the iron, tempers the steel.”

China: capitalist regime hastily abandons lockdown amid turmoil

torsdag 29 december 2022

On 7 December 2022, the Chinese state issued its ‘Ten New Measures’ – a hasty shift from its ‘Zero COVID’ policy towards what it called “accurate counter-measures”. In reality, this was a complete abandonment of previous hardline measures to contain COVID-19. According to the capitalist CCP regime, the ‘Ten Measures’ are aimed at improving “scientific accuracy” in targeting outbreaks “in accordance with the situation vis-a-vis the pandemic, and the virus’ mutations”.

Editor's picks 2022: our best revolutionary news, theory and analysis!

fredag 23 december 2022

In 2022, the world was rocked by war and revolution, while inflation has upended global capitalism. Nothing will ever be the same again. At each dramatic turn, has provided sharp, timely analysis, whilst continuing to bring you the in-depth theory revolutionaries need to be armed with in this tumultuous new period. To end the year, we’ve compiled some of the most popular reads of the past year, in case you missed any gems!

Peru: farce of early election solves nothing

onsdag 21 december 2022

The mountain has laboured and brought forth a mouse. Yesterday, the Peruvian Congress once again considered the question of an early election, which it had rejected last Friday. When Dina Boluarte illegitimately took over from president Castillo, she announced she would stay in office until 2026. That has become untenable. Clearly a section of the ruling class in Peru understands that it must reform the political system in order to try to quell the huge wave of indignation raised by the congressional coup against President Castillo on 7 December.