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“Why has there not been a revolution?” – The need for revolutionary leadership

måndag 19 december 2022

So-called left activists, even some self-described Marxists, often exclaim with despair and frustration: "look at how terrible things are, why hasn't there been a revolution yet?" As Alan Woods explains in this article, those who ask such questions have no understanding of the consciousness of the masses, nor of the dialectical method, which Marxists use to penetrate below the superficial surface appearance of society, to the growing tension underneath. This article, which originally appeared in issue 37 of In Defence of Marxism magazine in March 2022 (buy and subscribe here), provides an excellent analysis of the world situation, and the real dynamics of revolution. The subsequent explosive movements in Sri Lanka and Iran in the summer of that year provided material proof of Alan's arguments. 

Peru: bloodbath in Ayacucho – kick them all out, the working people shall govern

fredag 16 december 2022

Yesterday, 15 December, was a test of strength between the growing anti-coup movement of the Peruvian masses, who had called for a national strike, and the usurper government of Dina Boluarte, which had declared a state of emergency to smash it through repression.

New IMT podcast: International Marxist Radio – coming in 2023!

fredag 16 december 2022

The editorial board of is very excited to announce that we are launching a new, weekly podcast series beginning early next year. Get ready to tune in to International Marxist Radio, the official podcast of the International Marxist Tendency, for the best revolutionary news, theory and analysis. Click here to subscribe on SpotifyApple Podcasts and Google podcasts!

The eternal lessons of the Russian Revolution: history of Bolshevism now available in Urdu!

torsdag 15 december 2022

We are very excited to announce the release of Alan Woods’ Bolshevism: the Road to Revolution in Urdu, from Lal Salaam publications in Lahore, Pakistan. Anyone interested in getting a copy should contact Lal Salaam via their website, or on their Facebook page. We publish the full author’s introduction here.

Peru: usurper Boluarte declares state of emergency to crush 15 December national strike

torsdag 15 december 2022

Mobilisations opposing the coup against president Pedro Castillo in Peru have put the government of the usurper Dina Boluarte on the ropes, with 14 of Peru's 24 departments affected by mass demonstrations, strikes and roadblocks.

USA: Marxist school series a coast-to-coast success!

onsdag 14 december 2022

Over the past few months, the US Marxists of Socialist Revolution hosted a series of tremendously successful schools right across the country, as part of the International Marxist Tendency’s #CommunismOnCampus campaign. Hundreds of radical youth flocked to events in Phoenix, Minneapolis, Atlanta, New York City and Bellingham. We commend our US comrades on painting the nation red!

Italy: the streets belong to everyone – for a broad, democratic movement

onsdag 14 december 2022

As reported on previously, comrades of the IMT in Italy were attacked by right-wingers for raising slogans against Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at a demonstration against violence against women. Subsequently, basing themselves on the poisonous ideas of identity politics, the protest organisers have used intimidation to try and push our comrades out of the movement. In the following open letter, our comrades appeal to all class-conscious workers and activists from the women’s and LGBT movements to reject these methods.

India: solidarity with the protests against Adani Vizhinjam International seaport!

onsdag 14 december 2022

Vizhinjam, a coastal town located two kilometres south of Kerala’s capital Thiruvananthapuram, is simmering with widespread protests against the construction of a private port by the richest person in India, Gautam Adani. The people living in this coastal town, mostly fishermen, are protesting against the Adani-led construction of Vizhinjam International seaport.

Peru: mobilisation is spreading, kick out the oligarchy and all the usurpers

tisdag 13 december 2022

Since the impeachment of Peruvian President, Pedro Castillo, by Congress on 7 December, the workers and peasants have begun mobilising in ever-growing numbers. In some regions, these mobilisations have taken on insurrectionary proportions. The masses clearly see that this is a coup, behind which stands the capitalist oligarchy and US imperialism. Below we publish the text of a leaflet currently being distributed in this mass movement by the comrades of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) in Peru.

Peru coup: Marxist interviewed by Turkish press

tisdag 13 december 2022

A member of our editorial board, Jorge Martín, was interviewed by the Turkish daily paper BirGün about the recent explosive developments in Peru, in which a Congressional coup has seen left-wing president Pedro Castillo deposed and arrested. This has now provoked a mass protest movement, led by enraged workers and poor peasants.

Pakistan: hundreds of revolutionary youth assemble for PYA convention!

måndag 12 december 2022

Progressive Youth Alliance, a countrywide organisation of revolutionary students and youth, held its third central youth convention on 8 December 2022 in Multan. More than 700 students, youth, workers and progressive political activists from across the country participated in the Central Youth Convention.

Britain: Tories bare their teeth as strikewave develops into tsunami

måndag 12 december 2022

Britain's winter of discontent has begun. With nurses, ambulance staff, and border guards all taking action, the country is set for its biggest month of strikes in decades. And the struggle is set to intensify, as the Tories threaten repression.

China: regime relents on lockdown in face of pressure from below

fredag 9 december 2022

A week ago, China saw the rapid proliferation of protests against the regime’s harsh COVID-19 lockdown measures, many of which quickly acquired a political character challenging the entire capitalist regime of the CCP. Although individually the protests were small, the regime is clearly afraid of their potential to mobilise far larger layers. Now, whilst the regime is cracking down, they are also having to relent on its ‘zero COVID’ measures. But in doing so, they face even more instability in Chinese capitalism.

Perú: an urgent call for mobilisation in the streets to stop the right wing

torsdag 8 december 2022

A third impeachment motion had been filed against president Pedro Castillo and was to be discussed on December 7, by Congress. However, at 11:45am Castillo gave a message to the nation announcing the dissolution of parliament, in response to the multiple attacks and obstacles that it has placed on his mandate from the beginning.

Iran: youth uprising continues and strike wave begins

torsdag 8 december 2022

A new wave of youth protests coupled with student and bazaari strikes in Iran began on 5 December, and were planned to continue until 7 December. The protests, which have so far reached 83 towns and cities, were initially called by revolutionary students, but the call was echoed by workers’ organisations.

Peru: oligarchy launches coup against Pedro Castillo

torsdag 8 december 2022

In the last few hours, the political crisis has accelerated in Peru. President Castillo decreed the closing down of Congress, but was swiftly arrested by police. Congress voted to impeach him and proclaimed his vice president as the new president.

South Africa: Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala scandal plunges ANC deeper into crisis

onsdag 7 december 2022

Just a week before the ANC’s 55th National Conference, South African president Cyril Ramaphosa is embroiled in a scandal involving the theft of huge sums of undisclosed foreign currency from his Phala Phala game farm in the Limpopo province. This scandal has deepened the factional fighting that has seen the ANC lurch from one crisis to the next for nearly two decades. At bottom though, this is part of a struggle within the ruling class for control of the party.

German imperialism: ground between two millstones

tisdag 6 december 2022

On 28 October, German president and member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Frank-Walter Steinmeier addressed an array of distinguished guests at Bellevue Palace, his official residence. In his ‘State of the Nation’ address, he noted that the world was “heading into a period of confrontation” and that the “struggle for dominance” was coming to the fore.

Canada: workers angry at CUPE school board deal

tisdag 6 december 2022

As the long-awaited results of the ratification vote for the contract brought forward by the Ontario School Board Council of Unions (OSBCU) were announced, there was a wave of anger over the yes vote. Workers said they were “bullied”, “this is bull&!”, “you built us up and let us down”, “many will be leaving the position because they can’t afford to work”, “screwed for another 4yrs!!!”, “we were so united and now divided… this contract does absolutely nothing to help students or ease our difficulties in our classrooms”, “this whole thing stinks”, “this is awful! This is not the outcome we needed”. There were literally hundreds of similar comments. How did we get from a historic victory of workers against back-to-work legislation and the notwithstanding clause, to this disappointing final contract?