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Iran: farmer protests and water crisis – workers and farmers, unite!

torsdag 3 juni 2021

On 22 May, 1,400 farmers protested against the lack of permanent access to water in the Iranian province of Isfahan. The regime answered by sending riot police, who brutally beat the farmers, who fought back, leading to clashes. This was not an isolated incident; there is widespread discord among farmers, with recent protests in Khuzestan, Sistan-Balochistan, Khorasan and elsewhere.

Inflation and instability: contradictions mount for capitalism

onsdag 2 juni 2021

Governments across the world have spent the last year propping up the capitalist system with unprecedented state support. But these desperate measures have built dynamite into the foundations of the world economy – which is now set to explode.

United States: The racist terror of Tulsa 1921

tisdag 1 juni 2021

One century ago, on 31 May and 1 June 1921, a so-called “race riot” erupted in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Despite a brave attempt by black residents of Tulsa to fight the pogromists, an estimated 300 black people were murdered in those events. The true history of these events has been airbrushed to this day. They represent the horrific fruit of centuries of divide and rule by the American ruling class.

Cuộc Cách Mạng Bị Phản Bội (Revolution Betrayed – Vietnamese)

tisdag 1 juni 2021

We are very pleased to present this re-publication of Trotsky's classic text, The Revolution Betrayed, in the Vietnamese language. This essential critique of Stalinism is now available to a whole new audience. Click here to download the PDF

Britain: Gulf between the classes prepares the way for revolutionary upheavals

måndag 31 maj 2021

Big business politicians like Joe Biden and Boris Johnson are promising to ‘build back better’, with investment and jobs. But in reality, the working class will be presented with the bill for capitalism’s crises. Storms and struggle lie ahead.

Britain: Dominic Cummings’ revelations – the Tories have blood on their hands

fredag 28 maj 2021

Dominic Cummings has revealed the utter incompetence of the Tory government, which has the blood of thousands on its hands. Only the working class can bring these murderers to justice, but this requires a struggle to transform the Labour Party