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How the KMT survives in Taiwan (for now)

tisdag 11 augusti 2020

On 30 July, Ex-Taiwanese president and former KMT chairman Lee Teng-hui died. Despite being a lifelong KMT bureaucrat, the series of political changes under his presidency in the 1990s earned him praise from bourgeois liberals and a nickname of “Mr. Democracy.” The fact remains that, after the democratic reforms of the 1990s, the KMT still exists as a major party in Taiwan. We take this opportunity to consider how it managed to transform from an apparatus of a dictatorial party-state into a party adapted to a bourgeois democratic system.

Esteban Volkov on his grandfather Leon Trotsky’s biography of Stalin

tisdag 11 augusti 2020

Esteban Volkov, the grandchild of Leon Trotsky, discusses the most complete edition of Leon Trotsky's Stalin ever released (video originally published 13 December 2016). Buy the book at Wellred here, and the ebook here!

The sad case of Paul Mason: a victim of post-modernism – a reply by Alan Woods

måndag 10 augusti 2020

An article by our British comrades at Socialist Appeal (‘Storytelling, “culture wars” and the Left’) has drawn the ire of ‘left-wing’ journalist Paul Mason. He said that our “mouldering” organisation needs to abandon its outdated worldview. Alan Woods explains that the thin gruel of Mason’s post-modernism is no substitute for the science of Marxism.

Lebanon’s revolution: an explosion of class anger

måndag 10 augusti 2020

The explosion in Beirut last week has caused an explosion of rage and struggle, as the Lebanese masses take once again to the streets. We say: trust nobody but your own forces! Workers of Lebanon, overthrow the whole rotten system!

Britain: storytelling, ‘culture wars’, and the Left – a reply to Paul Mason

måndag 10 augusti 2020

British journalist Paul Mason recently released an essay titled 'The Left, the Party and the Class', clarifying his positions on the future of the left. His ‘new narrative’ exposes the bankruptcy of his politics. Mason is nothing but a left cover for the Labour right's agenda. There is no future for the left on the basis of such reactionary ideas.

[Classics] The Revolution Betrayed

måndag 10 augusti 2020

The Revolution Betrayed is one of the most important Marxist texts of all time. It is the only serious Marxist analysis of what happened to the Russian Revolution after the death of Lenin. In this book, Trotsky provided a brilliant and profound analysis of Stalinism, which has never been improved upon, let alone superseded. With a delay of 60 years, it was completely vindicated by history. Without a thorough knowledge of this work, it is impossible to understand the reasons for the collapse of the Soviet Union and the events since then in Russia and on a world scale.