Study Group: The Communist Manifesto

av Marxistiska Studenter Lund

Tid: söndag 17 oktober 14:00
Plats: Online

Bild: Marxistiska Studenter Lund

Welcome to our study group on the Communist Manifesto!

From September 26th to October 17th, Marxistiska Studenter Lund will be arranging an English-speaking study group on the Communist Manifesto, open for students, workers and youth who are curious about Marxism and how to fight for a socialist future. All meetings will be held online via Zoom at 14:00/2 PM on Sundays.

26/9 Introduction
3/10 Chapter 1
10/10 Chapter 2
17/10 Chapters 3 & 4

The Communist Manifesto, although over 150 years old, is as relevant today as when it was written. Even then, when capitalism still had the potential to move humanity forward, Marx and Engels saw a time period of intense class struggle, and could anticipate the inevitable decline of the world capitalist system. Today, we can see that their predictions have come true.

To understand the history of the revolutionary movements of the last 100 years, and what we can learn from them today, we will read and discuss this immensely important historical document, and use the lessons of the past to show the way forward. What do we fight for? And how? Join us and discuss!

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